June 23, 2024

Mat Pause (CHAIR)
Mat Pause - HHS Mathematics
802-295-8610 EXT 2204
B.S. Mathematics - Castleton State College

Martha Cochran
Martha Cochran - HHS Mathematics
802-295-8610 Ext. *2222

Ryan Gilmour 
Ryan Gilmour
802-295-8610 EXT 2206 

Nancy Kent 
Nancy Kent - HHS Mathematics
802-296-8610 EXT 2202
B.S. Secondary Education in Mathematics - University of Vermont (UVM)
M.S. in Education - Walden University
Math Team Coach

Greg Balsam
Greg Balsam - HHS Mathematics
802-295-8610 EXT 2220
B.S. Secondary Education in Mathematics - Grand Valley State University (MI)
Varsity Girls Ice Hockey Assistant Coach

Halleck Pogue
Halleck Pogue - HHS Mathematics
802-295-8610 Ext. 2212
B.A. Peace & Conflict Studies - Colgate University
B.A. Elementary Education - Boise State University

Math Department

The Mathematics Department offers a variety of courses preparing the students for Vermont's High School Grade Expectations which reflect the standards of the Vermont Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities. The department recommends that the student's 3 mathematics credits show evidence in Algebra, Geometry, measurement, statistics, and probability standards. Successfully completing an Algebra 1 and Geometry sequence will meet the requirements of the High School Grade Expectations.

It is also the recommendation of the department that those students enrolled in Algebra, Geometry or higher level math courses have a graphing calculator (TI-83 or TI-84 series). Calculators are available during the day in the classroom.

All students need three credits in Mathematics in order to graduate. The Mathematics Department aims to increase student understanding of mathematical skills, concepts and problem solving in Number and Quantity, Algebraic Thinking, Geometric Thinking, and Mathematical Modeling to prepare for college or career readiness. Through the language of mathematics, students will develop logical reasoning and critical thinking to be able to access and analyze information and effectively communicate solutions.

It is also the recommendation of the department that those students enrolled in Algebra 2 or higher have a graphing calculator (TI-84 series). Calculators are available during the day in the classroom.

Pure Mathematics Course Sequence Applied Maths
  • Algebra 1 (2) Options: Semester or Full Year (Advanced level only offered in Grade 8)
  • Geometry (Regular or Advanced)
  • Algebra 2 (Regular or Advanced)
  • Pre-Calculus (Regular or Advanced)
  • Calculus (Introduction and/or AP)
  • Dartmouth Math Courses
The discipline of mathematics helps us understand and describe the world around us. The math department offers several courses where students can apply their mathematics to see the practical applications that will be encountered in life and the workplace.
  • General Applied Math
  • Introduction to Engineering - Technical Math
  • Design & Fabrication
  • Statistics
  • Computer Programming