September 15, 2019

A View from the Principal's Office

August 19, 2019


I want to welcome back all of our students and extend a special welcome to all of our new learners, ninth graders and others. As a student, I often wondered what was going on at school while I was on summer vacation. I am hoping to shed some light on that question through this post. This summer, like previous summers, has been busy in our school. The most significant and obvious change has been the remodel of our Café. This project has been three years in the making and is going to have a significant impact on our students – simply stated, I believe students will want to spend time in this space. During the past few years, our Hartford School District team has worked to upgrade many of our common areas. This is done with a firm belief that our students deserve aesthetically pleasing learning spaces, that all of us appreciate beauty, and that the changes provide our learners with a sense of pride in their school while enhancing their learning opportunities. In addition to the Café, we have a newly-outfitted Music Technology Lab, our school has also seen upgrades to our on-campus athletic facilities, improvements in our fitness center, and a focus on creating alternative classrooms – some of which are outdoors. We are very fortunate that, in addition to the Music Technology Lab grant, we were the recipient of a substantial gift that has brought a Router and Laser Cutter to our Design and Fabrication space. It has been a very busy and productive summer.

Recently I was asked, why Hartford High School? My bias is obvious and I am confident that our commitment to partner with all learners is the foundation from which I respond to this question. I have had the privilege of witnessing the manifestation of this simple four word assertion. Our students are told, from our earliest contact with them, that our goal is always to “get to yes.” We share the same pledge with our staff. This desire to authentically partner has resulted in some truly amazing learning opportunities for our students. When I was a Hartford student, there were two paths that one could take – one led to college, the other to a career. While we still seek to prepare our students for college and career, the number of paths to get there is as varied as the number of students we serve. Our students, through their Personalized Learning Plans, are encouraged to dream and consider all that they want to experience during their time at Hartford High School. Our work is to find a way to partner with our students in their dreams. As another school year approaches we look forward to this work – learning and inspiration open the doors to the future – whether that future is college or career. So, why Hartford High School? Our school stands ready to partner with all learners in pursuit of their dreams. We recognize that, in addition to teaching we must inspire and that we need to be flexible so we can continue to grow with our students.

We look forward to serving our students and their families and we hope that the school year inspires all of us to be our best.

Thanks for reading,

Nelson Fogg


The Principal

Nelson Fogg
Principal Hartford High School
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