January 19, 2020


Last Thursday we hosted an honored alum, Jim Cantore – class of ’82, and Weather Channel star, for an installation of a truly game-changing device. The Hartford High School campus now has the first WeatherStem station in the state of Vermont. Our school now has the same capacity to forecast weather, in real time, that can be found at major universities (including Syracuse, BC, LSU, University of Florida, to name a few) and professional athletic venues (Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers and others). Our WeatherStem system is located on top of our press box and will provide our learning community with rich and usable data to support student learning as well as entire courses and lesson plans that interact with the system. This is a BIG deal and Mr. Cantore was on hand to visit his school and provide us with this generous gift. Thank you Jim! 

More at: https://windsor.weatherstem.com/hhsvt

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