A view from the Principal's Office- Week 1

A view from the Principal’s office


Good day.  I want to introduce you to a new feature of our school.  I am committed, as Hartford’s Principal, to sharing all the best our school is offering to Hartford’s high school students. I hope this inside look at Hartford High School will provide a sense of the energy and enthusiasm that I feel every day when I enter our school.  This week I have chosen to highlight a few of the unique learning opportunities I witnessed during the first week of school.  I hope you enjoy this “view from the Principal’s office.”


Hartford High School’s first week of school provided some unique learning opportunities; I want to highlight just a few of these.  Walking around campus I found Mr. Ellerson’s Physics classes in small groups, on the front lawn, collecting data on the flight of Frisbees.  Meanwhile, the Patterns of Literature and Learning course, and the new model of collaboration between English teachers (Ms. Wyman, Ms. Garrow and Mr. Grobe) and Counselors (Ms. Bucklin, Ms. Edson, Mr. Jenkinson and Ms. Mason), was on display both in the classroom and outside as the teachers, counselors and students combined team building activities with an understanding of literary terms.  Students in The Eye were wrestling with potential projects that will include a full range of student-created learning opportunities.  In addition to these student-created projects, a significant number of Hartford students are taking advantage of the state’s voucher system and have dual-enrolled in college classes – these students will also receive support through The Eye.  Friday afternoon, the new Personal and Life Fitness course found students at Kilowatt Park learning kayaking and paddle-boarding fundamentals with LL Bean’s Outdoor Classroom staff.  What a beautiful way to end the week – Hartford students and their teacher, Ms. Scudder, heading out on the river under the afternoon sun.


Hartford hosted its first athletic contest of the year on Friday evening with the football team’s win against Brattleboro.  In addition to the game’s athletic highlights, the evening began with the national anthem being masterfully performed by Carter Farnsworth.   Throughout the night music was provided by the PEP Band (a combined student and staff band led by Ms. Danielle Conerty) who sounded like they had been together much longer than four days.  To round out the week, the girls’ soccer team fought hard to a 2-2 tie under bright skies at the Maxfield complex on Saturday.


What a great week to begin the school year.


Nelson Fogg


Hartford High School



Upcoming events:


Thursday, Sept. 8             Parent Board meeting (informational and organizational) 6:30 in the Library

Thursday, Sept. 22           Open House 6:00 in the Auditorium

Saturday, Sept. 24           Saturday Symposia #1 9:00 – 12:00  What does learning looks like "anytime and anyplace?”   An overview of Flexible Pathways at Hartford High School