A view from the Principal's Office

A view from the Principal’s Office


It has occurred to me that my choice of title for these postings is, in itself, an example of the changes that have occurred within our school.  While there will occasionally be students who need support in the form of discipline, the administrative offices should be a hub for learning – school personnel and students should see this space as a place to brainstorm, collaborate, and receive support.  I am thrilled that the conversations that have been happening in our administrative offices have been firmly rooted in supporting our student’s desire to learn.  Hartford High School is adjusting to the fluidity of our student’s lives.  Many students have access to unbounded information; they carry computers, cameras, and communication devices in the form of a cell phone.  Our challenge is to find ways to support our student’s educational needs while inspiring them to pursue their interests.  I have had the privilege of witnessing some amazing conversations during our first three weeks as students and staff partner to find a way to both support and inspire to meet student’s needs through their interests.  It is exciting to be part of this shift in our school’s paradigm. 


To meet this changing need schools must form partnerships – collaborating with our students, their families, and community resources is the only way to both support and inspire in 2016.  During the next week Hartford High School is inviting you to join us for two events.  Thursday, Sept. 22 is our annual Open House (6:00 – 7:45).  This is an opportunity to meet your child’s teachers – your partners in your son or daughter’s education.  On Saturday, Sept. 24 we are hosting our first Saturday morning Symposia (9:00 – 12:00) – What does learning looks like "anytime and anyplace?”  An overview of Flexible Pathways at Hartford High School. This dialogue will allow us to explore the many ways Hartford is supporting student learning – from independently-created student projects, internships, work experiences, and dual enrolled college classes to our traditional offerings.  We hope you can join us for one or both of these events as we continue to seek ways to partner with our students, parents, and community.  I am looking forward to meeting, and partnering, with you in support of our students.




Nelson Fogg


Reminder:  Tuesday is Picture Day at Hartford High School