March 22, 2017

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Travel and Hosting Programs

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Hartford High School Service Learning and Spanish Immersion Project

Through volunteer work in Peru in 2016, Nicaragua in 2014, and the Dominican Republic in 2012 we put our Spanish skills to use to meet new people, and learn about other communities in Latin America.  Students who continue with Spanish through the advanced-level courses have the opportunity to participate in our project every two years.  Stay tuned and get your Spanish ready for our next adventure in 2018!! 

Check out these videos to learn more about each of our trips.

 To learn more about the Spanish Immersion and Service Learning Project, please visit our page here.
Germany Exchange Program
Hartford High School has established an exchange with two high schools in Germany: the Max Planck Gymnasium in Trier, and the Julius-Springer Schule in Heidelberg. We travel to Germany every two years, just as we host them every two years. The next trip to Germany is planned for spring of 2018! Below is a brief account of our recent trip to Germany, and a link to the German Exchange Program website with more details. 

On April 11, 2014 six Hartford High School students departed for a once in a lifetime adventure in Germany. After an exhausting plane ride, the group arrived in Luxembourg at 2 o’clock PM. Already it was such a change of environment from Vermont; the sun was out and trees had leaves on them. The weather was great for the entire two weeks that we were there.
We stayed with host families in each city and did a variety of activities and service-learning projects with each group.  The first week was spent in the exciting city of Trier, while week two was spent in historical Heidelberg.
It was a trip of a lifetime, illed with many inside jokes and memories that will last forever. All of us Hartford students consider each other friends by the time the trip ends, which was a little unexpected. To experience such a foreign place, with a group of people all going through the same experiences creates a unique bond. Instead of students shying away from German culture and finding comfort in the familiarity of home within the fellow trip members, the friendships developed allowed students to feel more comfortable to venture into the unknown and explore what Germany has to offer as well as the rest of the world.   Click here to get more information on the German Exchange Program


In the Kitchen
German 1 and 2 students baking Weinachtsplätzchen with Verena and Katharina, December, 2015:
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