February 22, 2018

Diane Brzozowski

802-295-8610 Ext. *2119
AP Biology, Advanced Biology

Evan Ellerson 

802-295-8610 Ext. *2122
AP Physics, Advanced Physics, Physics

Ryan Gambero

802-295-8610 Ext. *2123
Physical Science, Chemistry

David McCoy (Chair)

802-295-8610 Ext. *2121
AP Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Chemistry

Patty Murray

802-295-8610 Ext. *2115
Biology, Human Anatomy, Forensics

Roozbeh Nazari

802-295-8610 Ext. *2120 
Physical Science, Astronomy & Geology, Integrated Science

Welcome to the Science Department!

The Science Department offers a variety of courses preparing students for Vermont’s High School Grade Expectations which reflect the standards of the Vermont Framework of Standards and Learning Objectives. The department highly recommends that the required 3.0 graduation credits are completed by the end of their junior year.  

The Science Department also offers a variety of AP and advanced curricula. Advanced Placement curricula are college level in concepts, pace and class expectations. Advanced courses require a commitment to rigor and excellence in performance. These are designed for the serious and engaged student.

Mr. Ellerson's Physics students investigate Newton's second law of motion and the role mass has in affecting acceleration

Ms. Brzozowski's chemistry course ends with a bang!

"The Mercury Cycle" by students in Ms. Wilson's Biology class, from World Story Exchange.

After doing a lab experiment in Mr. Nazari's class with carbon dioxide gas, students gather around to observe a demonstration showing bubbles floating on carbon dioxide gas in a fish tank

Science Department News

Congratulations Matt, Parker, and Troy! For the third year in a row, a team from Mr. Ellerson's Physics class won VT Tech's Bridge Building Competition. The winning bridge held well over 600 lbs. and the winning team members each take home $2000 scholarships! 

Ben Healy (junior at HHS) qualified for the American Chemical Society Chemistry Olympiad National Exam.  He is one of only 10 students from the state of Vermont to qualify for this exam and the first student from Hartford to qualify.  His success on the ACS Chemistry Olympiad Qualifying Exam earned him the opportunity to take the National exam in late April at St. Michael's College.
Congratulations to Ben Healy!

A student shows off the results of a genetic algorithm he programmed independently, inspired by concepts in Advanced Biology. He's posted it online here.
World Story Exchange
Ms. Wilson's students collaborate to produce short documentaries about nature and ecology to share with international students as part of the World Story Exchange. Check out their full library of videos.