October 19, 2018
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Our District

Hartford Vermont is located on the border of New Hampshire and Vermont, almost mid point in the state. Ours is a rural community, and we enjoy beautiful landscapes, family-oriented activities, strong educational support, and schools as the center of community.

Hartford School District is comprised of three elementary schools (two PK-5 and one K-5), a middle school (grades 6-8) and a high school (9-12): which totals almost 1800 students. Attached to our high school is the Hartford Area Career and Technical Center which enrolls nearly 400 juniors and seniors from seven districts and surrounding communities. Our district also hosts three unique programs in our region: the Regional Resource Center, educating nearly forty students with severe learning difficulties, the Wilder School, a regional alternative program (RAP), consisting of nearly twenty students, and HARP, an autistic program of 12 students. Each regional collaborative program accepts students from public and private schools around our region.
As new students enter our district at the elementary level they are assigned to one of the three schools, based on space availability, not necessarily geography.(please see the map below). This is important for parents to understand before they choose a home in a particular neighborhood. Each of our elementary schools offers a warm, supportive learning environment, regardless of location. 
At the middle school level, students from the three elementary schools (and often children from Hartland and Sharon) come together into one learning community.
At our high school we are proud to welcome Hartford students and also students from many outlying communities, who choose our facilities because of the many educational and co-curricular opportunities offered.
If you are interested in learning more about our programs and services, please feel free to speak to any principal or guidance person. The directory of employees is listed in the Quick-Links on the main website page.

Hartford High School

We value a safe environment for learning, opportunities for academic enrichment, and continuous personal development.
We believe that students learn best when their physical, emotional, and social needs are met; multiple instructional environments are needed to address a diverse population of learners; and individual growth results from high expectations and continuous self improvement.
 We expect that the following 21st century learning expectations will be achieved:
1.   Communicate effectively across all disciplines and circumstances
2.   Utilize traditional and technological applications to solve problems
3.   Demonstrate the ability to work toward a common goal

Hartford High School 2013 and Beyond